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Use Case

Securing Virtualized Data Centers

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Securing The Virtual Data Center

The data center contains the most sensitive data an organization has, but traditional security solutions do not provide the protection that sensitive data requires. Creating additional challenges, SecOps and Infrastructure teams struggle to find the balance between security and performance. Organizations need a solution that protects applications and the sensitive data they store, while being optimized for the dynamic nature of the virtualized data center.

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Virtually Unstoppable

Applications in the software-defined data center are becoming more distributed and dynamic than ever. VMware and Carbon Black's combined solution pioneers a new approach to endpoint security for your virtualized environment where traditional AV has generally failed to keep pace.

  • Maximize visibility and control with hypervisor-based security

  • Remove triage guesswork with in-depth contextual intelligence

  • Automate and orchestrate response to save time and boost efficiency

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How do Carbon Black and VMware Help?

Attacks in the data center use different methodologies than those that target end users. Identifying these threats requires a deeper understanding of both intended application behavior and new and emerging threat behavior than traditional endpoint security products possess.

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Combining a hypervisor-based, least privileged model with application-informed behavioral analytics delivers robust security purpose-built for the virtualized data center.

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  • Cb Defense for VMware

    Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention

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  • VMware AppDefense

    In-depth Application Behavior Insight and Protection

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See it in Action

Cb Defense for VMware is an integrated solution with VMware AppDefense that provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks in-progress and accelerate response.

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