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Securing Virtualized Data Centers


Virtually Unstoppable

Applications in the software-defined data center are becoming more distributed and dynamic than ever. VMware and Carbon Black's combined solution pioneers a new approach to endpoint security for your virtualized environment where traditional AV has generally failed to keep pace.

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  • Maximize visibility and control with hypervisor-based security

  • Remove triage guesswork with in-depth contextual intelligence

  • Automate and orchestrate response to save time and boost efficiency

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How do Carbon Black and VMware Help?

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Attacks in the data center use different methodologies than those that target end users. Identifying these threats requires a deeper understanding of both intended application behavior and new and emerging threat behavior than traditional endpoint security products possess.

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Combining a hypervisor-based, least privileged model with application-informed behavioral analytics delivers robust security purpose-built for the virtualized data center.

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  • Cb Defense for VMware

    Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention

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  • VMware AppDefense

    In-depth Application Behavior Insight and Protection

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See it in Action

Cb Defense for VMware is an integrated solution with VMware AppDefense that provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks in-progress and accelerate response.

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