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Ransomware use has grown substantially as attackers have profited from its unique approach. Variants such as TorrentLocker and PowerWare are even more sophisticated, leveraging non-malware techniques that don’t install malware at all.
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Be prepared for the next ransomware outbreak

The recent Petya / NotPetya and WannaCry outbreaks have made one thing perfectly clear: Even basic malicious programs can bring an organization to its knees. Despite leveraging mediocre code, the authors of each of these attacks infected hundreds of thousands of machines in a matter of hours. Though WannaCry represented one of the most widespread cyberattacks in recent history,Petya / NotPetya has already shown why no attack will hold that title for long.

To prevent the next big ransomware attack, strong security practices must be in place, augmented by threat research and next-generation technology. This is how Carbon Black enables its customers to detect and prevent Petya / NotPetya, WannaCry and future ransomware outbreaks.



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    Stop Petya / NotPetya & Other Ransomware on All Endpoints

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    Strongest Petya / NotPetya & Ransomware Protection for Servers & Critical Systems

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  • There's a lot more coming through… we're seeing ourselves being targeted a lot more. More aggressive attacks, more original attacks, more zero-day variants, and so the traditional signature-based model wasn't working for us…

    Neil Boland

    CISO, Major League Baseball
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How Does Carbon Black Help?

  • Protects Against New & Emerging Threats

    Stop the next Petya / NotPetya with powerful prevention that doesn't rely on signatures or machine learning updates.

  • Stops Ransomware in Its Tracks

    Advanced prevention stops current and future ransomware from moving laterally across your environment.

  • Powerful Application Control

    Application control is the most effective way to prevent all forms of ransomware from running on servers and critical systems.

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