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Use Case

Ransomware Protection

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Cb Defense Earns Perfect Score on Comprehensive Ransomware Test

Cb Defense participated in a broad-based test conducted by independent security firm MRG Effitas against a comprehensive set of fresh and prevalent commodity, master-boot infector, file-less and other types of samples from 42 crypto-ransomware families collected in the wild. Cb Defense stopped every sample. Read the report for complete methodology and detailed results.

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Ransomware Roundup

Today's ransomware is innovating at a rapid pace. Going beyond simple file encryption, ransomware increasingly leverages unknown variants and file-less techniques. Learn more about these new techniques and how Carbon Black stops them.

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    Prevent All Types of Ransomware on All Endpoints

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How Does Carbon Black Help?

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Streaming Ransomware Prevention

Advanced prevention stops current and future ransomware variants by monitoring streams of events related to a ransomware outbreak.

Protects Against New & Emerging Threats

Lures all types of ransomware into a trap, even unknown and file-less varieties, to spot it and stop it before it attacks critical files and shares.

Powerful Application Control

Application control is the most effective way to prevent all forms of ransomware from running on servers and critical systems.

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Ransomware Epidemic: Stop Bad Rabbit In Its Tracks

Ransomware isn’t new. In fact, it’s 30-years-old. What IS new is ransomware’s sudden rise as a favored attack by cyber criminals. Like WannaCry and NotPetya before it, Bad Rabbit is yet another example of an aggressive sample of ransomware that has made a huge impact on the security world in a short time.

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Be prepared for the next ransomware outbreak

The recent Petya/NotPetya and WannaCry outbreaks have made one thing perfectly clear: ransomware can bring an organization to its knees. Innovation across all aspects of ransomware have allowed these attacks to infect hundreds of thousands of machines in a matter of hours.