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Ransomware Roundup

Cb Defense stops the next-generation of ransomware threats

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Advance Your Ransomware Defenses

Today's ransomware is innovating at a rapid pace. Going beyond simple file encryption, ransomware increasingly leverages unknown variants and file-less techniques. The videos below highlight these new techniques and how Carbon Black stops them.


Attacking the Master Boot Record

Some ransomware variants go after the master boot record (MBR) of Windows machines to encourage ransom payouts by blocking access to local backups. See how MBR-attacking ransomware works and how to stop it.

Cb Defense’s Master Boot Record (MBR) protection prevents full and partial disk encryption that can make restoration from backups impossible.

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Attacking Shadow Copies

Ransomware has started to delete and disable shadow copies through the Virtual Snapshot Service in order to encourage ransom payouts. See how VSS-attacking ransomware works and how to stop it.

Cb Defense’s shadow copy protection prevents the disabling or removing of local backups.

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Alternative Techniques

Ransomware samples are evolving at an accelerated rate, using alternative techniques that allow it to evade traditional defenses that rely on reputation to prevent malicious files. See how "non-malware" ransomware works and how to stop it.

Cb Defense uses file heuristics to expose evasive ransomware variants, including canary files that are benign files that act as bait to lure ransomware.

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