Threat Hunting

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Capturing every endpoint event across your enterprise is not just for incident response; use that same data to proactively “hunt for threats”. The deep level of information you collect can empower your team to take matters into their own hands, augmenting your automated defenses in real time to disrupt attacks and close security gaps.
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    Market-Leading Threat Hunting for SOCs & Incident Response Teams

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  • Throughout the day I try to find and mitigate threats that are commonly delivered by phishing emails or other attack vectors in the environment… A lot of retailers have been getting hit with a very nasty set of attacks.

    Matthew Daren

    Senior Security Engineer, Belk Inc.
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How Does Carbon Black Help?

  • Contextual Threat Intelligence

    Intelligence is consolidated from trusted sources so you can clearly understand, and anticipate, possible attack methods.

  • Real-Time Visibility

    Potential attack vectors are analyzed and mapped to the key assets you've identified throughout your environment.

  • Integrate & Orchestrate

    Open APIs and out-of the-box integrations facilitate important data correlations across your entire security ecosystem.

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