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10 SMB Endpoint Problems Solved By the Cloud

Are you struggling to keep your endpoint security up to date? You’re not alone. Small to mid-sized companies have less resources — yet have the same risk of attack as larger companies. And that risk is only increasing. In 2017, the number of ransomware attacks increased by 30x and the number of breaches increased by 40%.

Good news! Smaller companies can protect themselves just as well as large enterprises thanks to cloud-based endpoint security.

Join us for a live webinar to discuss how next-generation endpoint security in the cloud solved the most common challenges SMBs are facing.


  • The 10 most common security problems facing small to mid-sized companies
  • How cloud-based endpoint security addresses those problems
  • The benefits of replacing traditional antivirus with a cloud-based security platform
The Rise of Malware-less Attacks: How can endpoint security keep up?

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