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Adapting Your Defenses to the Attack: The Next Generation of Endpoint Protection

With IBM and Carbon Black

Adapting Your Defenses to the Attack – The Next Generation of Endpoint Protection (IBM and Cb)

“Know your enemy” is a common mantra among security professionals. The industry has quickly developed a great understanding of the well-funded, highly structured, targeted cyberattack, but our defenses remain fragmented.

As legacy perimeter and signature-based defenses have proven to be fundamentally flawed, a sharper focus must be put on understanding exactly how our adversaries carry out attacks and designing equally structured response systems to disrupt their efforts.

Join IBM’s Patrick Vowles and Carbon Black’s Ian Lee for a discussion on why leading IT organizations are organizing themselves to minimize risk, not alerts, developing both proactive and reactive security functions that map directly to the structure of modern attacks.

You’ll learn:

  • How attackers are exploiting gaps between IT and Security
  • Why trying to patch every vulnerability is the wrong approach
  • What IBM and Carbon Black are doing to shed light on the vulnerabilities attackers are actively targeting on your systems

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