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Addressing the Challenges of Securing the Virtualized Data Center

IT teams are struggling to mitigate risks and manage data security and privacy across virtualized environments to protect highly distributed corporate assets. Virtualized architectures often result in reduced visibility, inconsistent policies and enforcement mechanisms, and other potential vulnerabilities and configuration issues that attackers seize upon. 

Join IDC Analyst, Rob Westervelt, for "Addressing the Challenges of Securing the Virtualized Data Center" to learn about:

  • Threats to virtual environments such as insider threats, data leakage, account hijacking and targeted attacks, and why security continues to be an essential component in any software defined data center. 
  • Why modern security software is more effective at detecting suspicious activity and addressing visibility and control lost as a result of existing virtualized architecture constraints. 


You'll also hear from a Carbon Black expert who will discuss how we can help your organization protect the virtualized data center from threats. 



Rob Westervelt



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