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Advanced Endpoint Protection Test Report – NSS Labs

Carbon Black was the only vendor to secure a perfect prevention score

The views expressed by analysts in their coverage of Carbon Black are those of the author and do not reflect the views of Carbon Black. Additionally, the information contained in their reports may not be correct or current. Carbon Black disavows any obligation to correct or to update the information contained in analyst reports.

According to its report, “NSS Labs performed the industry’s most rigorous test to date of leading Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) solutions. Products from 13 different vendors were tested across a multitude of attack threat vectors targeting a very dynamic enterprise class endpoint attack surface. In addition, the endpoint products were evaluated for their resistance against several evasion categories and false positive testing.”

In the test, Carbon Black was the only vendor to achieve a Security Effectiveness rating of 100% as well as a false positive rate of 0.00%.


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