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Carbon Black featuring Gartner: The Cloud Is the Future of Endpoint Security

Why do cyberattacks still succeed despite decades of research and development in defensive technology? Traditional antivirus vendors are increasingly falling behind, unable to protect against advanced threats. They take a reactive approach to prevention, relying on signatures of known malware and attacks, leaving end users vulnerable to attacks that have never been seen before.

A whole new approach to endpoint security is required, built on big data and real-time analytics in the cloud.

In this webcast, you’ll experience a discussion between two of the industry’s leading experts, Peter Firstbrook, Research Vice President at Gartner, and Mike Viscuso, Co-Founder and CTO at Carbon Black, on how the cloud and big data are poised to solve the challenges that persist in endpoint cybersecurity today.

You will learn:

  • How cyberattacks are evolving and why they are becoming harder to stop.
  • The latest tactics in endpoint security that are stopping cyber attacks – and why you should consider adopting these winning strategies in your environment
  • Why companies are increasingly moving their endpoint security to the cloud

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