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Cb Defense PCI DSS Attestation Report by Coalfire

Cb Defense is certified to replace AV and meet anti-malware compliance requirements

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Now you can replace your ineffective antivirus (AV) solution, and still meet payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) anti-malware requirements, with Cb Defense.

Coalfire Systems, a respected QSA company, found that Carbon Black’s NGAV solution, Cb Defense, passed AV-efficacy and directly meets the PCI DSS anti-malware security control requirement.

According to Coalfire’s high-level findings, the Cb Defense platform:

  • Detected and effectively blocked the execution of known malware
  • Effectively removed all known malware
  • Generated logs of events such that malicious activity could be traced
  • Prevented unauthorized users from disabling the software
  • Provided additional policy protection

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