Cb ThreatSight Datasheet

Managed Threat Hunting Service for Cb Defense

As enterprises face a shortage of skilled security professionals, security teams often spend too much time monitoring and validating alerts, which limits their ability to address other security needs. Moreover, when prevalent outbreaks occur, security team investigations are limited by the resources and data available in their own environment, making it difficult to craft an effective remediation plan until the full scope and root cause of an event is determined.

Cb ThreatSight helps solve these problems by providing an industry-leading, subscription-based monitoring service for Cb Defense. Built directly on the Cb Predictive Security Cloud™ (PSC) platform which applies big data analytics across unfiltered data from millions of endpoints, Cb ThreatSight is staffed by a world-class team of security experts who are constantly studying and analyzing the data in the PSC using advanced machine learning and algorithmic toolsets.

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud supports a variety of powerful next-generation endpoint security services, all of which are powered by the collective intelligence generated in the PSC. This collective intelligence is generated from data collected across millions of endpoints under management and enriched with threat intelligence from around the world in real-time. Click here to learn more about them.