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CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security

Peer-authored Research

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The rise of the cloud and mobile computing has rapidly changed the nature of enterprise cybersecurity. Employees work not just at the office, but also on the road and at home, on mobile devices and on their own personal computers. They’re no longer using a limited stack of enterprise applications. Instead, they increasingly require access to a wide variety of apps, cloud services, and new communication platforms.

Meanwhile, with zero-days and other stealthy attacks, enterprises have less and less time to spot intrusions and take steps to contain them. As a result, the damage caused by the attacks has also been increasing at a staggering pace, with ransomware alone reportedly crossing the $1 billion revenue threshold in 2016. Traditional antivirus protections are no longer enough. Enterprises of all sizes, and all industry segments, are now looking for better solutions.

In this report, leading security experts examine the new tools that they have at their disposal, including next generation endpoint protection, which may include sandboxing and micro-isolation, and detection solutions built around behaviors, heuristics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The value of peer input cannot be overstated. Authored by leading Chief Information Security Officers, CISOs Investigate is an ongoing series that offers first-hand insights to security leaders as they make business-driven risk and technology decisions.


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