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Coalfire Report: Cb Protection PCI DSS Attestation

Coalfire Validates Cb Protection as Effective PCI DSS Control

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In 2015, Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading provider of IT advisory services for security, validated Cb Protection as an effective Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) control. Carbon Black was the first next-generation endpoint security company to receive this validation.

In its report, Coalfire stated: “Carbon Black provides the flexibility to enable, manage, and meet PCI DSS requirements in many areas. Cb Protection helps organizations with various PCI requirements, including:

  • File-Integrity monitoring /control
  • Change monitoring and alerting
  • Audit trail retention

In 2018, Coalfire conducted assessment activities including technical testing, architectural assessment, and compliance validation of Cb Protection for the PCI DSS v3.2 anti-malware requirement and found that Cb Protection platform met this requirement as a direct control.

Cb Protection provides coverage across eight of the 12 requirements of the PCI DSS and supports critical security goals, including:

  • Stop all types and forms of malicious software.
  • Protect and secure in-scope, integrated, and out-of-scope systems.
  • Ensure that security policies and operational procedures are documented, in use, and known to all affected parties.
  • Establish a process to immediately identify security vulnerabilities and assign a risk ranking.
  • Control change, resulting in less data to analyze, which reduces administrative efforts.
  • Receive real-time alerts so you can act immediately to protect all of your critical systems and data

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