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End-of-Life Operating Systems: Fear the Operating Dead

Support and extended support have ended for popular systems like Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and XP Embedded—‘dead’ in the minds of the industry—yet 60% of IT professional confess these systems will still be required to operate in some parts of their environment.

Don’t panic. Christopher Strand, Director of Security - Risk and Compliance Solutions, will explain how you can reduce the risk created by running unsupported systems—and while doing so, how you can strengthen your overall security and compliance posture.

During this webinar, Chris will show you how you can:

  • Disrupt attackers by ensuring total enforcement, compliance, and audit with security policy
  • Defend unsupported systems by extending the security window and protect past end-of-life
  • Gain real-time visibility across all environments
  • Automate governance with comprehensive compliance rule sets in a single platform throughout the entire kill chain
  • Unite compliance and security to maintain control and keep end-of-life systems safe and secure
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