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Endpoint Anti-Malware Certification Testing Report: Cb Defense

Cb Defense Achieves 99.79% Efficacy in Real-Time Protection

December 5, 2017


In  2017 Cb Defense was certified by ICSA Labs in their Anti-Malware Testing Program. In total, the public test of Cb Defense included more than 54,000 samples of known malware and malicious threats from ICSA Labs’ test set. ICSA Labs has a “Collection” test set of known malware that has been collected over the last couple years. This test set is supplemented each month by a number of malicious threats known to exist in systems worldwide.

When measured against thousands of non-file infectors known to exist in systems around the globe, Cb Defense received a 99.79% efficacy rating

Additionally, Cb Defense is vetted against thousands of clean samples to test for false positives. Cb Defense did not flag a single sample, achieving a 0% false positive rate.

To learn more about Cb Defense's certification, check out the full report below.  

For over twenty-five years, ICSA Labs has tested the efficacy of anti-malware products against measureable, industry-vetted requirements. Once tested, products that pass – like Cb Defense – are awarded certification. For many organizations and enterprises around the world, ICSA Labs anti-malware testing is the foundation of security product sourcing and selection.

ICSA Labs Endpoint Anti-Malware Certification Testing Report 

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