Case Study

Freeport LNG Leverages Cb Response for Comprehensive Enterprise Visibility

When Todd Beebe, an information security officer for Freeport LNG, was asked if he would consider using a different cybersecurity solution other than Carbon Black, his answer was clear.

“(Cb Response) is a no-brainer versus what else is in the market,” he said. Beebe cited that Cb Response empowers his organization to do the work of 24/7/365 team of first-level analysts.

Beebe notes that Cb Response empowers his team and company to conduct business safely while minimizing risk. With a small security team, Freeport LNG can smartly monitor their network, responding immediately when Cb Response notifies of an alert, rather than spending hours reviewing logs. Freeport LNG has made it a requirement that every company endpoint, from domain controllers to sensitive systems, be equipped with Cb Response. “(We) are very happy with Carbon Black,” Beebe said.

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