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GDPR: Confidence versus Reality

On May 25th 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law.

Anyone in the cyber security or compliance space will be well aware of the fundamental premises of the GDPR and the potential penalties of non-compliance. But will the majority of organisations be fully compliant by May 2018? How many were late getting their strategy off the ground? And is the new regulation all challenge and worry? Or is it actually a welcome development that will rapidly drive data privacy and information security up the business agenda and into the boardroom?

Carbon Black worked with Computing to survey 120 business decision makers representing businesses ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands and from multiple industry sectors.

This paper discusses:

  • Whether the GDPR is viewed as a benefit or burden
  • The likelihood of compliance with the various mandates of the GDPR
  • Visibility of critical data throughout business processes and the threat to that data by the types of attack most commonly experienced.
  • The process of breach notification and remediation.

The paper concludes with a discussion about the apparent gap between the levels of confidence expressed about the GDPR with the reality of the security tools that organisations have at their disposal to deliver.


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