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Non-Malware Attacks: How to Speed up Your SOC by Detecting & Responding to “File-less” Attacks on Endpoints


In this upcoming real-training-for-free ™ webinar, we will drill down into non-malware attacks and discuss what it takes to become a high-speed SOC that can quickly detect and respond to them. Technology is a critical component, but we’ll also look at the softer yet equally critical side of skills and processes. 

Some of the technical issues we’ll address:

  • WMI-based attacks
  • In-memory techniques
  • PowerShell attacks (both PowerShell.exe and more sophisticated DLL–only attacks)
  • Office macros

Antivirus obviously doesn't address these attacks that are invisible to the file system and artificial intelligence is still nascent technology at best.

Join us for this in-depth discussion about how non-malware attacks work and learn how to streamline your SOC to deal with them.

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