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PCI 3.2 From Checkbox Assessment to Security Control

Four out of five companies still fail at interim assessment, according to the Verizon 2015 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Report. PCI data security standards (DSS) version 3.2 focuses on security control accountability, a concept that introduces the notion of continuous monitoring and measurement of your entire security ecosystem.

Join Christopher Strand, Security, Risk, and Compliance Officer at Carbon Black, for a webinar hosted by SC Magazine. Chris will provide an overview of the 3.2 changes and demonstrate how Carbon Black has been helping thousands of organizations, under the scope of PCI, prove these measures and remain in continuous compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • Where to deploy and measure critical security controls and processes to ensure continuous compliance and achieve a strong security posture
  • The ways in which Cb File Integrity Control can reduce noise within your environment and narrow the scope of compliance efforts
  • Why making a paradigm shift from patch mitigation to threat mitigation will ensure your PCI security posture has no weak spots
  • How malware and ransomware breaches, like the ones making headlines, could have been prevented with the Carbon Black approach
PCI 3.2 From Checkbox Assessment to Security Control

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