Why Philips Lighting Chose Carbon Black

Philips Lighting, N.V. is a global market leader with 34,000 employees in over 70 countries, recognized for their expertise in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative (LED) lighting solutions. A key objective of their security strategy was to be able to quickly adapt and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. After Carl Erickson, Chief Information Security Officer at Philips Lighting, launched the organization’s first Security Operations Center, SOC, his mission was to get to “world-class response capability.” That meant finding and deploying a solution providing complete visibility to empower his team and company to conduct business safely.

Cb Response, Carbon Black’s market-leading solution for high-speed security teams, was the only product they found that gave their SOC a custom level of control over threat intel sources and was able to support their increasingly mobile user base via a Cloud-based implementation.

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