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On-Demand Webinar

Ransomware Epidemic: Stop Bad Rabbit In Its Tracks

Like WannaCry and NotPetya before it, Bad Rabbit is yet another example of an aggressive sample of ransomware that has made a huge impact on the security world in a short time.

With reports and analysis still ongoing, it looked as though Bad Rabbit is the next iteration in an evolving, ever-improving method of ransomware deployment and attack; with no signs of slowing down. Join Rick McElroy, Carbon Black’s Security Strategist, to dissect the Bad Rabbit attack and learn from its successes (and failures).

You’ll learn:

  • How headline ransomware outbreaks like Bad Rabbit, NotPetya and WannaCry highlight the need to improve basic security practices
  • What next-generation platforms can do to combat new and emerging threats.
  • What the five best practices are that you can implement today to prevent it (and its future variants) from hitting your endpoints

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