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Security is a Big Data Problem: It Belongs in the Cloud

It's hardly arguable that challenges to enterprise cyber security are ramping up.

With WannaCry and Petya still recent memories, the incentive to find newer and better ways to tackle the threat landscape is high.

Like almost anything else in IT, security itself is moving effectively to the cloud.

But to what extent are firms investigating predictive security in the cloud? What are they using it for? In the average company scenario, what is the reality of success for existing endpoint or on-premise security detection and prevention, and how are these infrastructures coping in specific threat situations? Are zero-day attacks being detected and prevented with current, stock technology?

These questions and more will be tackled by our expert panel, who will also be taking time to check in the with the current state of play with GDPR, just days after the regulations have come into effect. We will be exploring the specific ways in which the enterprise is now protecting its systems in order to lay a groundwork for better data protection.

Top Discussion Points:

  • How developed is the enterprise security journey to the cloud, and what are the advantages of moving?
  • How successful is traditional AV at dealing with today's threats?
  • What lessons should we be learning from early GDPR mobilisation, and how best can we manage continuing data privacy strategy?



Rick McElroy

Security Specialist
Carbon Black



Tom Allen

Special Projects Editor



Peter Gothard

Technology Analyst