Case Study

Stonewall Kitchen Transforms Their Security Stack with Carbon Black

Stonewall Kitchen is a specialty food company headquartered in York, Maine. With several different facilities, many employees and a large customer base, Stonewall Kitchen’s Information Technology (IT) team is very focused on maintaining the highest possible security posture.

The Stonewall Kitchen IT team secures the business from manufacturing to distribution to retail and wholesale across 11 facilities. To ensure visibility across all endpoints amongst their 11 facilities, including retail storefronts, Stonewall Kitchen purchased Cb Defense to consolidate their multiple security systems into a single, lightweight product.

The team at Stonewall Kitchen values the level of expertise that Carbon Black offeres through their services and support organization as well as the reoccurring opportunity to talk to engineers at Carbon Black when resolving issues. “Stonewall Kitchen, as a company, and especially IT, values partnerships. And we’ve had that with Carbon Black, straight out of the gate it’s been a true partnership” said Bocash.

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