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How the SWIFT Hack Went Down: Benefit From the Lessons Learned


Earlier this year, cybercriminals "broke in" to the Bangladesh Bank—and from there compromised the SWIFT network, stealing over $80 million before the hack was discovered.

What can we learn from the SWIFT hack, and how can we benefit from lessons learned?

Join Carbon Black for a webinar and training session hosted by Randy Franklin Smith. Randy will a provide a deep dive into the SWIFT hack, and identify key security strategies and technical controls that could have either prevented the cyberattack or led it to being discovered sooner.

You’ll learn:

  • The sophisticated techniques used during the SWIFT hack, affecting the network, operating system, application, and database layer
  • Key strategies and technologies for prevention and attack response
  • How Carbon Black can help you implement the right level of protection and monitoring for different classes of systems

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