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Telstra Security Report: Ransomware is Here to Stay

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Today’s businesses are routinely choosing to pay hefty ransoms rather than lose access to their intellectual property, patient records, credit card information and other valuable business data. Simply put, targeted businesses are paying ransoms in order to avoid significant disruptions to every-day operations.

Ransomware’s rise in popularity parallels the development of fileless attack methods that traditional antivirus (AV) simply cannot stop. Cyber criminals are quick learners and eager to make fast money. Whether extorting $300 per user from a small business or $30 million from a multinational enterprise, the level of effort is often similar.

While ransomware isn’t going away any time soon (if ever), you can defend your organisation - if you’re properly prepared with advanced ransomware protection.

We have made the 2018 Telstra Security Report available to you so you can see for yourself how Australian companies perceive Ransomware.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to protect your organisation against Ransomware, click here.


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