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Unite Data Privacy with Security to Reduce Risk & Liability

As the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May, organizations will need to have their data privacy program in place to reduce risk. How do organizations go about measuring and managing cyber risk associated with privacy data loss and compliance regulations? This webinar will discuss how organizations can identify and manage the risk around their customer data for privacy concerns, the controls that impact privacy and are required by a compliance program and how to develop a plan to manage risk at the control level to incur the least risk for a company. 

Join Christopher Strand, leader of Carbon Black's security risk, audit and compliance sales and marketing strategy, and Doug Hudson, Senior Cyber Risk Advisory Practice Director at Coalfire, as they present how organizations can develop a plan to reduce risk associated with data privacy and how Carbon Black can help organizations ensure personally identifiable information (PII) and critical business information are protected at all times.

During this webinar we'll cover how you can:

  • Control change and how change should be occurring
  • Monitor your infrastructure against your policy
  • Prove enforcement of compliance and security policy
  • Mitigate threats
Unite & Disrupt: Mitigate Attacks by Uniting Security Operations

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