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Unlock Your SOC: How Financial Institutions are Responding Faster

Often considered the most highly-targeted sector in cyberspace, the financial services industry faces a constant onslaught of threats, with new vectors and new tactics emerging regularly. Financial institutions, today, need better protection and simplified operations made possible with tools to assess risk posture and successfully mitigate threats despite the constant efforts of the adversary. 

Join Chris Berninger of Carbon Black and Jose Bravo of IBM as they discuss building a high-speed SOC in the financial services industry with Cb Response.

You'll learn:

  • How Cb Response provides the crucial visibility necessary to assess and mitigate cyber-related risk. 
  • How the FFEIC CAT and Cb Response can simplify the gap-finding process. 
  • How together, Carbon Black & IBM provide a combined solution to take action against advanced threats. 
Solution Brief: Financial Services Security & Compliance

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