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Onboarding starts with a team of Carbon Black specialists assisting your team in planning and deploying Carbon Black products throughout your environment. Our team leverages established templates, tools, and best practices honed across thousands of deployments to efficiently guide your team via scheduled working sessions to apply the configuration requirements you need to address your specific IT security requirements.

Our consultants have years of real-world, operational experience that is shared with your team via knowledge transfer. We will work collaboratively with your team to review the event activity from your environment and tune the solution as needed. We offer pre-defined, fixed-price onboarding packaged services for each of our products to quickly and easily engage our Services team. Or, we can work with your team to identify an onboarding approach to meet your specific requirements.

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Cb ThreatSight

Managed Threat Hunting

Cb ThreatSight is a managed service that prioritizes alerts, uncovers new threats, and accelerates investigations alongside your own security professionals. Staffed by a dedicated team of seasoned threat experts, Cb ThreatSight keeps watch over your organization’s environment, alerting your team to emerging threats and providing access to critical security services when you need them most.

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Other Service Offerings

Carbon Black offers a variety of additional service offerings to assist you with obtaining even more value from your Carbon Black products. Our experts can help you build on your expertise to protect your organization from attacks and enhance your investment in cybersecurity technology.

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Advanced Consulting

Take your deployment to the next level with Cb Response Advanced Consulting. Let our Professional Services team guide you and your SOC through an in-depth “how to hunt” methodology, where you’ll learn new techniques for detecting threats.

Cb Response Advanced Consulting is available in-person or virtually. Watch the video to learn more and download the Cb Response Advanced Consulting Package here.

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Ad Hoc Days

Ad Hoc days, also known as a “Professional Services day,” gives customers the opportunity to work with Carbon Black experts post-implementation on top of mind projects.

Ad Hoc days are available for purchase in eight hour increments across Carbon Black’s product suite. Watch the video to learn more.

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Maximizing the Value of Cb Defense

To ensure your success with Cb Defense, we offer free Cb Defense Administrator and Analyst training as a part of the onboarding experience.

Customers can take their Cb Defense deployment to the next level by purchasing the Cb Defense Quick Start Package. Watch the video to learn more.

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Health Check

Our Health Check offering is a periodic assessment of your Carbon Black product deployment. Our team of professionals examines your configuration and recommends optimizations to help you achieve greater value and efficiency from your investment in Carbon Black.

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We’re here to make sure you have the information you need to protect your organization from every cyber threat. If you have any questions we will connect you with the appropriate Carbon Black team member to assist you.

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