Advanced Persistent Threat

Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threat

Carbon Black disrupts sophisticated attackers that threaten enterprise users, systems and critical information. Most advanced persistent threats go unnoticed, bypassing traditional security and antivirus solutions. Shift the balance of power back to your security team with Carbon Black.

The Cb Security Platform shifts the balance of power back to security teams fighting to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape by providing:

Stop Advanced Threat with the Carbon Black Security Platform

Traditional security solutions and other machine-learning controls allow all applications to run unless they exhibit known-bad behaviors. In a world where 70 percent of malware is used only once, this approach creates gaps adversaries will exploit.

The volume, variety and sophistication of attacks is growing rapidly, and traditional security solutions have reached their limit.

5 times more OS X malware in 2015 than during previous 5 years combined

$3.8M: average cost per breach

Traditional solutions take an average of 256 days to identify and 100-120 days to remediate a breach

Sources: Carbon Black Mac OS X Report, Ponemon Institute and Kema Security

Carbon Black is the only next-generation endpoint threat prevention solution to deliver a portfolio of protection policies, real-time visibility across environments, and comprehensive compliance rule sets in a single platform. With the Cb Security Platform organizations can stop both known and unknown advanced attacks before they can execute.

Disrupt and Defend with the Carbon Black Security Platform

Next-Generation Endpoint Security For Dummies
Learn how all organizations are targeted in the advanced threat environment.

United Defense

Knowledge is power. Hit back with a united front. The Cb Security Platform is the trusted, #1 choice of top security professionals—preferred by 68% of incident response professionals. Join a community backed by 2,000+ customers, 70+ top incident response (IR) firms and managed security service providers (MSSP), and a strong network of tech alliance and integration partners. With their collective expertise and experience feeding a powerful, unified threat intelligence platform, unparalleled knowledge and an attack behavior sharing network, you will never have to go it alone.