Incident Response

Incident Response

Every Second Counts

For incident response teams, half the battle is collecting and interpreting data to scope the entire attack. Post-event collection and antiquated forensic tools offer minimal visibility and don’t provide clarity into lateral movement or the root cause of an advanced attack.

The longer it takes to discover a problem, the more likely it is that attackers have entrenched themselves into your environment, and the harder it will be to remediate the incident.

Only Carbon Black can dramatically change the economics of incident response by reducing the cost and effort.

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Add a Tool to Your Arsenal That Unravels the Entire Attack

Carbon Black Enterprise Response offers the most complete platform for the entire incident response lifecycle, from full visibility to live response and attack recovery.

Cb Enterprise Response offers proactive, continuous recording of all endpoint activity, then centralizes and correlates that activity with unified intelligence sources. The resulting telemetry reveals a complete kill chain and pinpoints attack root cause to power live threat containment, banning and remediation activities.

Cb Enterprise Response is the only solution that empowers incident responders to watch an adversary’s’s every move, unravel the entire attack, understand the precise root cause and respond quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate retroactive post-event data collection

Proactively automate continuous recording of critical endpoint data before the moment of compromise.

Reduce dwell time

Reduce response efforts from days to mere seconds with the ability to focus on actionable alerts and instantly understand root cause.

Live response and one-click endpoint isolation for immediate threat containment

Instantly contain attacks in motion by remotely isolating an endpoint from communicating with the network, then terminate, ban and remediate threats.

Centralized intelligence for better detection and analysis

Centralized system of record of all endpoint information is correlated with unified threat intelligence feeds.

Automation enables faster OODA loops and response

Easy integration with orchestration engines so responders can enrich information from other defenses with endpoint data and make faster decisions about which fires need to be put out.

Measurable improvements in IR processes and procedures

The dashboard illustrates the performance improvements of response efforts and facilitates sharing of KPIs with your board and executive team.

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Average dwell time to detect an incident
Reduce advanced threat recovery time by
Accelerate root cause identification by

Join a Community of Experts

Hit Back with a United Front. Carbon Black is the industry leader and the top choice for security executives. Join a community of more than 2,000 forward-thinking enterprises, backed by 70+ top incident response (IR) firms and managed security service providers (MSSP) who have made Carbon Black a core component of their response strategies for:

Continuous endpoint recording

Customized detection

Live response


Rapid attack recovery