Data Center Security

Data Center Security

Protecting Your On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Carbon Black Enterprise Protection is the only solution optimized to protect all of your critical assets within your physical, virtual and cloud environments. With data center architectures evolving rapidly in terms of both where and how critical data is stored, attack surfaces have grown larger, which increases the critical need for a complete data center security solution.

Transform your data center security with Cb Enterprise Protection

Cb Enterprise Protection transforms data center security by offering real-time visibility and control across all virtual and physical environments, easing concerns associated with moving to the cloud. The enterprise data center has evolved to deliver many new operational and economic benefits. However, these adaptations introduce a unique challenge: How can protection and security be maintained across virtual, on-premises and cloud environments? Failing to fully secure all of your data center environments opens doors to serious data breaches. Only Cb Enterprise Protection delivers unmatched prevention across the hybrid data center to reduce your attack surface and stop advanced threats.

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Carbon Black Enterprise Protection is the only solution optimized to protect all of the critical assets within your physical, virtual and cloud environments, through:

Multiple Levels of Prevention

Most endpoint security solutions require organizations to adopt a “one size fits all” threat prevention strategy, leaving data center environments under-protected and users frustrated. With Cb Enterprise Protection, organizations can choose from a suite of prevention strategies within their data center environments to find the right balance between organizational culture and risk posture.

Complete Visibility

The key to end-to-end data center security is knowing what is running on every system in real time. Only Cb Enterprise Protection offers complete data center visibility into executables running in all environments, on- or off-network.

Automated Control

In order to reap the benefits of the evolving enterprise data center, your security solution must be built to maintain efficiency. Leverage Cb Enterprise Protection’s powerful automation capabilities to streamline workflows and eliminate attack vectors through an advanced policy and rules engine.

United Defense

When it comes to endpoint security, knowledge is power. Cb Enterprise Protection easily and seamlessly integrates all endpoint sensor data and threat intelligence feeds with third-party security solutions, including leading antivirus, IT management, network firewall, SIEM and in-house, custom tools across Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Continued Compliance

One of the most significant challenges is maintaining compliance across all different data center environments. Only Cb Enterprise Protection enables you to exceed compliance and audit requirements across data center environments with the only solution to satisfy the six common controls outlined across the PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and FISMA standards.

With Carbon Black Enterprise Protection (formerly Bit9) on all of our servers, we’re sleeping better at night because we know only trusted applications are running on them.
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