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The Carbon Black Security Ecosystem

Winning in today’s security landscape requires a united defense. Organizations and the tools they use can no longer go it alone, they have to work together and speak the same language. Carbon Black’s rich integration ecosystem and open-API strategy make it easy for organizations to leverage best-of-breed technologies to build unified systems.

Open API Strategy

As part of our commitment to be an open security company, we’ve published our APIs and open-sourced our third-party integrations. To date, 44 independent security companies have become Carbon Black Technology Alliance partners.

Our rich APIs give IT security and operations teams an unmatched ability to build custom integrations that both “pull in” capabilities from other security solutions as well as expose and “push out” the data captured by Carbon Black and it’s full feature set to third-party or homegrown security products. Backed by a strong online developer community, getting started with Carbon Black APIs could not be easier.