Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for the gaps in your organization’s security. Endpoints are an easy first target. With the Carbon Black Security Platform you can improve desktop control and security, greatly reducing your attack surface while ensuring the right balance between protection and user access.

Close your endpoint security gaps

You depend on countless resources, platforms and endpoint devices to drive your business forward. But these technologies leave your enterprise vulnerable to attackers eager to infiltrate critical systems and steal your sensitive data. Traditional security products are powerless against these advanced threats and malware. You need a next-generation solution to close your endpoint security gaps.

The Carbon Black Security Platform quickly and effectively closes the endpoint security gap on desktops, laptops, POS systems and kiosks, SCADA systems, and more. The Cb Security Platform goes beyond antivirus solutions by offering signature-less advanced threat detection, response and prevention capabilities that provide you and your team the real-time visibility and control you need to protect and respond to attacks on your employees’ desktops and laptops, servers and fixed-function devices, regardless of OS.

The Carbon Black solution is the first advanced threat protection solution to provide signature-less prevention, real-time visibility, detection and response across Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints.

Detect and disrupt attacks, fast

Respond instantly by leveraging a recorded history of all endpoint data, along with active banning and live response remediation.

Real time Visibility

Continuously record critical endpoint data—even while devices are offline or outside your corporate network—to quickly detect infected systems and identify unpatched endpoint vulnerabilities.

Improve control & security

Greatly reduce your attack surface while ensuring the right balance between protection and access.

Eliminate reimaging—save time and money

The powerful combination of advanced threat prevention with the ability to remotely isolate and remediate attacks before they occur dramatically reduces malware infections and eliminates the need for reimaging.

Stop Paying for antivirus

Integration with Microsoft SCEP provides the highest level of advanced threat protection, usually at no additional cost for Microsoft enterprise subscribers.