It’s time to replace AV

Attackers are targeting government agencies more often and more vigorously than ever. The relentless attacks, and recent breaches are just the beginning. More than ever government agencies need to protect the endpoint.

You need to stop and see more attacks without adding resources. You need to lock down critical, regulatory-mandated, and high-risk systems by preventing unauthorized software execution, application configuration, and unauthorized access. You need to improve your overall risk posture to satisfy regulatory framework and executive leadership.

The Cb Endpoint Security Platform is the most proven endpoint security and compliance solution that allows you to replace outdated antivirus, protect critical and unsupported systems, and arm incident response and threat hunting teams.

Stop the most attacks

  • Stops file-based attacks: malware and ransomware
  • Stops next-gen attacks: memory-based, PowerShell, script-based, and obfuscated malware
  • Blocks unauthorized access of users and removable devices
  • Locks down critical systems including servers, unsupported systems, and other fixed-function devices

See every threat

  • Attack visualization shows every detail of how you’re being attacked
  • Provides visibility into blocked attacks to show what happened and what was impacted
  • Best-in-class behavioral analytics reduces false positives compared to ML-only solutions
  • Always have the answers you need

Close security gaps

  • Continuous and centralized recording for zero-gap endpoint visibility
  • Remove unwanted items
  • Remotely investigate and remediate any endpoint, from anywhere
  • Delivers relevant information required to authenticate and authorize security controls against the regulatory concern auditors need to meet
  • Aligns with major regulations and frameworks such as OMB CSIP, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, Cobalt, FISMA, CIS Critical Security Controls, FFIEC CAT, NERC CIP, and NIST 800-53, to ensure coverage of the latest techniques and best practices

Integrate & automate

  • Collaborative threat intelligence to automatically stop attacks others have seen
  • Open platform offers APIs, automation, and STIX/TAXII integration
  • Partnerships with 40+ SIEM, network firewall, threat analytics, and orchestration vendors
  • Leverage real-time attack intelligence collected from the global Carbon Black community

Lightweight & easy

  • No impact to end users or endpoint performance
  • Simple to manage and maintain
Carbon Black is the most innovative security product I’ve seen in years.
Federal Agency

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