Hunt for Threats

Protect Government Assets

Comply with Mandates

OMB mandates are a tough but necessary means to protecting national infrastructure and assets. Carbon Black makes it easy, and less costly, for federal agencies to comply with the three core requirements:

  1. Secure critical systems
  2. Detect and respond to cyber incidents in a timely way
  3. Remediate incidents with rapid recovery

Our security solutions are the leading choice for industry, and government, professionals. Prevent and detect attacks, and respond with best-in-class threat hunting capabilities.

Critical Security Controls

This free report from the SANS Institute outlines quick wins to proactively secure your environment.

  • Prioritize actions that guard against advanced threats
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your IT administration
  • See how Cb Protection maps to 18 out of 20 CSCs
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OMB Requirement

Our Solution

Secure Critical Systems

Cb Protection

It’s the most trusted way to lock down servers and critical systems.

  • The power of “Default Deny” stopped 100% of attacks—we earned the only perfect score in NSS Labs’ Advanced Endpoint Protection Test
  • Continuous compliance makes regulatory and policy compliance easier and less costly
  • High-performance, low-touch functionality requires only one admin per 10,000 endpoints—scalability is key when locking down systems

Detect and Respond

Cb Response

It empowers SOC and IR teams to detect defense gaps, disrupt active threats, and prevent future attacks.

  • Continuous recording gives responders unparalleled visibility, capturing more information than any other solution
  • Real-time threat hunting obliterates the typical 150-day average for discovering a breach—responders see attacks when they happen
  • Limitless scaling lets even large enterprises detect a single breach among hundreds of thousands of endpoints


Cb Response

It repairs damage quickly by leading teams to halt active attacks.

  • Real-time response lets team members take any action on any endpoint from anywhere
  • Complete visibility of the attack kill chain cuts the average response time from 78 hours to 15 minutes
  • Automated data aggregation centralizes forensic intelligence for efficient post-mortems

Carbon Black is Trusted by Leading Brands

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