SCADA Systems

Protect Critical Assets and Infrastructure by Defending ICS and SCADA Systems

The ability to connect cloud, back-end applications, SCADA systems and supply chains keeps organizations productive and competitive. But it also creates security and compliance vulnerabilities through those very endpoints. With Carbon Black, you can greatly reduce the complexity of balancing security and compliance with business efficiency with minimal impact on your critical operating systems.

Protect the confidentiality and integrity of ICS and SCADA systems—without impacting performance

Security threats and compliance requirements have grown increasingly sophisticated and complex. Continued reliance on legacy antivirus solutions, aging hardware and unsupported software environments, combined with the Internet of Things, has left industrial control systems and SCADA systems more vulnerable than ever. The war for security has moved to the endpoint. Security teams need to take back control of the endpoint to safeguard intellectual property and sensitive business data—without impacting system performance.

Only 17% of respondents from critical infrastructure organizations say their company has achieved a mature level of cyber security
(Source: Ponemon Institute and Unisys, “Critical Infrastructure: Security Preparedness and Maturity”).
SCADA security researchers have discovered more than 150 zero-day vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS.
(Source: ComputerWorld, “Hackers exploit SCADA holes to take full control of critical infrastructure.”).
According to the US Dept. of Homeland Security, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, 38% of 2014-15 incidents impacting ICSs would have been mitigated by implementing application whitelisting
(Source: NCCIC/ICS-CERT, “Seven Steps to Effectively Defend Industrial Control Systems”).
Solution Brief: Critical Systems (ICS/SCADA)
By stopping vulnerable and malicious applications and delivering configuration, change and process controls, Carbon Black solutions can help you ensure the integrity of your ICS and SCADA monitoring systems and ensure compliance with NERC-CIP.

Carbon Black’s next-generation endpoint security solutions ensure the integrity of SCADA monitoring systems:

Prevent malware, targeted attacks and unauthorized applications

Lock down critical systems by ensuring that all new software is validated and checked against an authorized list or approved by IT before executing.

Extended the value and usefulness of end-of-life systems.

Defend against the risks introduced by unpatched and unsupported systems, such as Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, by incorporating validated compensating controls.

Block unauthorized portable storage devices

Easily block USB drives, CDs, etc., and ban or approve devices by type or serial number so only pre-authorized devices can execute.

Auditing all software changes:

Ensure compliance and determine accountability with a comprehensive audit trail of all application changes.

Real-time visibility and control

Proactively monitor and control configurations.