Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Meet–and exceed–IT security compliance mandates

Organizations must take proactive measures to prove continuous compliance with applicable regulations or face steep penalties and brand damage. Carbon Black helps you meet or exceed IT security requirements common to all major regulations and mandates, enabling you to ensure a compliant environment, while optimizing your security posture.

Leverage built-in compliance rule sets

Reduce compliance costs by automating compliance and controlling change instead of just analyzing it

Receive real-time alerts so you can act immediately to protect all of your critical systems and data


Protect customer information and your brand. With Carbon Black you can close PCI DSS security gaps to ensure compliance and maintain customer trust.

PCI DSS Use Case


Safeguard protected health information. With Carbon Black you can ensure compliance with key aspects of the HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH Act.

HIPAA Use Case

NIST 800-53

Align with the security controls outlined by NIST Special Publications 800-53 and 800-167, including adopting application whitelisting. With Carbon Black you can align with NIST’s recommendations and other recognized best practices.

NIST Use Case

Carbon Black makes it easy to comply with regulatory requirements for data collection, analysis, reporting, archival and retrieval.

  • Establish real-time monitoring and alerts on key controls.
  • Maintain a digital chain of custody on log data.
  • Perform easy, fast forensic investigations.
  • Automate log analysis and reporting.
  • Generate compliance reports with one click.
  • Increase security awareness and policy enforcement.
  • Receive automated notifications of compliance violations.

Complying with regulatory mandates is about more than merely checking a box. While achieving—and maintaining—a compliant state, you must also enhance your overall risk and security posture.

The Carbon Black Security Platform can help you meet or exceed numerous IT security requirements found across major regulations, mandates and frameworks. At the same time, you will be better equipped to defend against today’s advanced attackers.

Mandate / Regulation Security Framework
Carbon Black Security Platform Capability PCI DSS HIPAA / HITECH SOX NERC – CIP NIST 800-53 ISO 27001 CIS 20 CSC Australian DoD Mitigation Strategies
Software Asset Analysis  ✔  ✔
File Integrity Management / Control  ✔  ✔  ✔
Configuration Monitoring  ✔  ✔
Vulnerability Identification  ✔  ✔  ✔
Malware Detection and Prevention  ✔
Policy Enforcement  ✔  ✔
Protection of Unsupported Systems  ✔  ✔
Incident Remediation

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