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Actionable Visibility

Respond quickly and confidently to attacks and breaches. While siloed toolsets can make it hard to know what you're dealing with, the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) gives you a comprehensive picture so you can cut down the guesswork and close security gaps fast.

  1. Uncover root cause with easy-to-follow details and take immediate action from a single console
  2. Partner with Carbon Black’s threat hunting experts for eyes-on-glass threat validation and prioritization
  3. Get continuous real-time threat intelligence from a community of over 13,000 security experts

What does actionable visibility look like?


Find root cause

The PSC identifies attacks that other endpoint security products may miss and provides visibility into malicious activity as it evolves over time.

  • Prioritized alerts clearly show what to address first
  • Visual maps of every detected attack make alert triage easy
  • Uncover threats and indicators that hide in normal activity

Expand your team

With our team of experts watching over your environment as an extra set of eyes, you can rest assured knowing Carbon Black has got your back.

  • Threat validation and notification helps ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Human-added context enhances and streamlines investigations
  • Proactive advisories keep you ahead of widespread outbreaks
Take control

Take control

Get all the insights, access, and tools you need to perform precise remediation, quickly and confidently.

  • Comprehensive visibility into endpoints and attack activity
  • Live investigation and remediation on any endpoint through the cloud
  • Engage our expert community for intelligence and guidance

With a comprehensive picture of endpoint activity and instant access to endpoints through the cloud, the PSC gives you the power to respond to threats quickly and confidently.

Cb Defense
Next-Generation Antivirus + EDR

Understand what’s happening across your endpoints with powerful search and visualization tools, and use Live Response to take action confidently.

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Cb Defense for VMware
Virtual Datacenter Security

Leverage event stream processing at the hypervisor-level to clearly identify and quickly respond to suspicious activities in the software-defined data center.

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Cb ThreatSight
Managed Threat Hunting Service

Partner with our dedicated team of seasoned experts who keep watch over your environment and notify your team of emerging threats.

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How do I integrate with
Carbon Black?

With open APIs and over 125 pre-built integrations, you can easily share critical endpoint data across your entire security stack.

When you identify issues in your endpoint environment that need attention, whether resulting from a live attack or an ongoing investigation, our integration with IBM BigFix® gives you the ability to execute a comprehensive remediation, fast.

Our integrated solution with VMware AppDefense provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to defend against attacks in the software-defined data center.

Combine the endpoint visibility in Carbon Black with ProtectWise’s network visibility and you can visualize threats across the entire network, pinpoint issues fast, and follow up with powerful remediation to close security issues quickly.

The Comparison

What makes
Carbon Black better?

While most endpoint security solutions only detect what is already known to be bad, the PSC analyzes streams of endpoint data over time, providing contextual information that makes it easy to understand what an attack was trying to do, and how you should respond.

Traditional or Machine-Learning AV Predictive Security Cloud
Detection for malware attacks checkmark icon checkmark icon
Detection for non-malware attacks minus icon checkmark icon
Continuous centralized recording minus icon checkmark icon
Attack chain visualization minus icon checkmark icon
Real-time remote remediation minus icon checkmark icon
The Proof

Commitment to Excellence

Find out what the industry’s leading testing and certification organizations and our customers think of Carbon Black.


Why D.A. Davidson Chose Carbon Black NGAV

When this financial services company was experiencing ransomware and fileless attacks, they chose Cb Defense for streaming prevention and to gain insight into their endpoints without impacting end users.

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