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Simplified Operations

While most endpoint security programs require multiple siloed systems that burden end users and complicate management, the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) is a converged cloud platform that delivers next-generation security services so you can free up your team to focus on what matters.

  1. Single, lightweight agent enables fast and easy deployment of multiple security services
  2. Cloud-based services remain up-to-date with no onsite infrastructure to manage
  3. Full-stack integration shares detailed endpoint data to deliver more value from existing product investments

What does simplified operations look like?


Deploy with ease

Speed up time to value with rapid deployment, and simplify management with a cloud-based console.

  • Single agent installs easily on endpoints to deliver many services
  • No need to purchase or stand up onsite infrastructure
  • Out-of-the-box policies are easily customized to fit your environment

Auto-update your defenses

The PSC automatically adapts to brand new attacks so your endpoints remain protected without requiring manual updates.

  • No need to constantly distribute large signature updates
  • Automatic protection against the latest, most advanced threats
  • Use new and updated features as soon as they are released

Integrate and automate

The PSC works with your security and IT stack to share endpoint context and automate operational tasks across your existing toolset.

  • AD integration automates deployment and configuration
  • Pre-built integrations with VMware, IBM, Splunk, and more
  • Create the exact workflow you need using open APIs

Streamline day-to-day operations with native integrations and prioritized alerts. Stay one step ahead of threats with a comprehensive picture of the state of your environment and access to integrated response tools.

Cb Defense
Next-Generation Antivirus + EDR

Consolidate advanced NGAV, industry-leading EDR, and live operations in a single agent to minimize overhead and flatten the security stack.

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Cb Defense for VMware
Virtual Datacenter Security

Extend protection and detection to the software-defined data center, integrating seamlessly with VMware for better synchronization across your entire infrastructure.

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Cb ThreatSight
Managed Threat Hunting Service

Optimize your time and resources with eyes-on-glass from our expert threat team who validate, analyze, and proactively notify you about high-severity alerts.

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How do I integrate with
Carbon Black?

With open APIs and over 125 pre-built integrations, you can easily share critical endpoint data across your entire security stack.

With Splunk® and their recent acquisition of Phantom, administrators can forward endpoint events and notifications from the PSC directly into Splunk’s® Adaptive Response, then orchestrate security processes across all Carbon Black products and more.

Whether securing software-defined datacenters with VMware AppDefnese, or feeding intelligence from the PSC into WS1 for orchestration, analytics, response, and remediation, Carbon Black’s pre-built integration across VMware makes securing virtual infrastructure easy.

Carbon Black’s integration with IBM Resilient allows you to automate critical security operations and orchestrate remediation across your stack, simplifying your processes and reducing the time it takes to address security issues throughout your infrastructure.

The Comparison

What makes
Carbon Black better?

While some AV vendors have started using cloud-based consoles, they’re still not taking full advantage of the cloud for security analysis and operations. The PSC is the a true security cloud platform that relieves customers from manually managing and maintaining on-premise security solutions.

Traditional AV Predictive Security Cloud
Cloud-based console checkmark icon checkmark icon
Deploys in minutes minus icon checkmark icon
Lightweight agent for multiple services minus icon checkmark icon
Automatic prevention updates Some checkmark icon
Open APIs for integration & automation minus icon checkmark icon
Real-time operational tools minus icon checkmark icon
The Proof

Commitment to Excellence

Find out what the industry’s leading testing and certification organizations plus our happy customers think of Carbon Black.


Why Draft Kings Chose Carbon Black NGAV

This fantasy sports league was looking for a comprehensive security solution that would protect all of their endpoints without compromising usability or taking up critical resources. After vetting products for over six months, they chose Carbon Black.

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