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Superior Protection

Combine prevention, detection, and response with predictive modeling based on big data analytics to stay one step of ahead of sophisticated threats. Stop more attacks, take back control over your endpoints, and worry less.

  1. Prevent both known and unknown attacks with the precision of unfiltered endpoint data
  2. Stop advanced fileless and ransomware attacks through the power of streaming analytics
  3. Replace traditional antivirus, meet compliance requirements, and integrate your stack with ease

What does superior protection look like?


Stop more

Traditional antivirus signatures and machine-learning models only stop file-based malware. Today’s advanced and diverse threats call for better protection.

  • Stream-based monitoring stops any type of attack
  • Proven against malware, fileless, ransomware, and more
  • Advanced protection whether users are online or offline

Block unknown

The most dangerous threats are the ones you’ve never seen before. That’s why we use big data and analytics to predict and prevent new and unknown attacks, too.

  • Unfiltered data uncovers threats without using signatures
  • Track attacks hiding within normal activity
  • Adapt to emerging threats without the need to update

Manage the full security lifecycle

Combine breakthrough prevention with fully integrated detection and response capabilities in this converged, all-in-one endpoint security solution.

  • Detect malicious activity early to get ahead of attacks
  • React in an instant with real-time, rapid response tools
  • Partner with our threat experts who watch over your endpoints

The Predictive Security Cloud’s big data and analytics engine monitors endpoint activity and threat intelligence around the world to deliver truly superior protection.

Cb Defense
Next-Generation Antivirus + EDR

Replace traditional antivirus with converged prevention, detection and response that stops both known and unknown attacks.

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Cb Defense for VMware
Virtual Datacenter Security

Get advanced threat detection plus in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks and accelerate response in virtual datacenters.

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Cb Threatsight
Managed Threat Hunting Service

Let our dedicated team of seasoned threat experts keep watch over your environment and notify you of emerging threats.

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How do I integrate with
Carbon Black?

With open APIs and over 125 pre-built integrations, you can easily share critical endpoint data across your entire security stack.

Cb Defense for VMware includes native integration with VMware VSphere through VMware’s AppDefense technology. Together, these products lock down virtual machines and deliver next-generation protection at the hypervisor level.

Our QRadar® integrations provide a single unified management console for SIEM, NGAV, and EDR, allowing security teams to prevent as much as possible and then quickly and effectively investigate and respond to SIEM alerts with complete endpoint context.

Integration with Juniper delivers a unified management console for SIEM, NGAV, and EDR, along with malware analysis and intelligence sharing so you can prevent threats across the network and quickly investigate and respond to alerts whenever they come up.

The Comparison

What makes
Carbon Black better?

While other endpoint solutions focus on blocking file-based malware, the Carbon Black PSC monitors all endpoint activity to identify malicious attacks of all types. And by collecting endpoint data without filtering anything out, we can predict and prevent threats that have never been seen before.

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Traditional or Machine-Learning AV Predictive Security Cloud
Prevents malware attacks checkmark icon checkmark icon
Prevents fileless attacks minus icon checkmark icon
Prevents unknown ransomware attacks minus icon checkmark icon
Includes detection and response capabilities minus icon checkmark icon
Predicts and prevents unknown attacks minus icon checkmark icon
Cloud-based collection of unfiltered endpoint data minus icon checkmark icon
Real-time stream-based threat analysis minus icon checkmark icon
The Proof

Commitment to Excellence

Find out what the industry’s leading testing and certification organizations and our customers think of Carbon Black.

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MRG Effitas: Efficacy Assessment & Assurance

Comprehensive security evaluation of Cb Defense’s ability to protect against advanced ransomware including crypto-ransomware—one of the most dangerous types of malware.

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