Why Carbon Black?

The security war is being waged on the endpoint

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Today, you need more than network security.
You need to arm your endpoints with next generation endpoint security.

Attackers are targeting your endpoints.

Your critical information resides on your servers, desktops, laptops and fixed-function devices.
The only reason an attacker breaches your network is to get to data on your endpoints.

Your endpoints are vulnerable.

Traditional endpoint protection was born in another era and only deals with “nuisance malware.”
In a modern war, you need modern defenses.

Your endpoints are the “new perimeter.”

Your organization is increasingly distributed, mobile, and open.
You can no longer build a “moat” around your business with network security and expect to be secure.

Traditional endpoint security and other “next-generation approaches” all suffer from one or more of the following challenges:

Challenge #1


Other endpoint security tools leave you in a reactive state – one in which you’re responding to incidents by dealing with only the symptoms, not the cause. As a result, attacks keep repeating and you keep reimaging machines. The answer? Find the root cause and pattern of every attack to stop that type of attack from ever hitting you again.

Challenge #2

Flying Blind

Other security tools leave you blind on your endpoints. You can’t tell what’s happening right now or what happened yesterday, last week, or three months ago. For visibility, you need to continuously record all important activity, centralize and retain that data from every endpoint and create a “system of record,” which becomes the single source of truth for your security operations.

Challenge #3

Go it Alone

Other security vendors push a “we-can-do-it-all” approach that leaves your security team fighting an endless wave of attackers alone. With Carbon Black, you can immediately benefit from the collective knowledge and shared assets of 10,000 security professionals, including the world’s leading IR firms and MSSPs, to disrupt attackers and shift the balance of power in your favor. There’s no reason to go into this battle alone. Leverage the power of the entire security community and its experts with Carbon Black.